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Whether you’re a start-up or multinational organization, Amadili Data delivers the best solution to allow your marketing and sales engine to overcome today’s enormous growth challenges and handle real results

Direct Mail

Each direct mail campaign can be tailored for a set audience, from long-time customers to new prospects.

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Email Marketing

Email makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

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Event Marketing

Live events for demand all the time. In-person events are rated as the single-most effective B2B marketing tactic.

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Demand Generation

We create a consistent demand for your services and products through our structured demand generation services.

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Bespoke Marketing Solutions to Boost your Business

30 Million B2B Contacts, 11 Million Healthcare Contacts and 7.5 Million Technology Contacts

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Amadili Data help’s you find the most valuable prospects adapted for accuracy and exactness, engage them with individualize content and accelerate pipeline with sales intelligence


  • Expand your reach by identifying all the decision-makers, users, and budget holders within a company.

  • Identify and connect directly with decision-makers and budget holders so you can get to "yes" faster.

  • Amadili Data empowers sales and marketing teams to fill the pipeline with likely buyers to maximizing ROI.

  • Acquire contact details of decision makers that have the budget and hiring authority within a company.

Our Team

Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Mark Adraison

Mark Adraison - HEAD of MARKETING

Lucia Penelope


Remi Bates


Anya Siennadia

Anya Siennadia - VP, SALES & MARKETING

our Prograsess

Sales Lead Generation Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes

A team of insight-driven professionals, with the right mix of knowledge & experience, across a wide range of Verticals & Sectors

Business Contacts

Healthcare Contacts

Technology Contacts

Direct Numbers

HR-Staffing Contacts


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Our Services: Marketing Lists for every type of campaign

  • Email Marketing

    Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Direct Marketing

    Direct mail continues to be used heavily, with a 43% share of total local retail advertising.

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  • Telemarketing:

    Almost 60% of Marketing Managers state it is ‘very effective’ for lead nurture.

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  • Event Marketing

    64% of marketers use tradeshows and events as a source to new prospects and business opportunities.

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Services we offer

Find the prospects you’re looking for based on location, company size, industry, company revenue, job functions, and many more. Amadili Database provides access to the most direct contacts and email addresses than any other market intelligence provider.

Create detailed and accurate business contact lists to build targeted marketing campaigns guaranteed to reach your buyers across the globe. Easily acquire targeted list based on your targeted list, which will fuel your revenue engine with Accurate & Actionable Data on Your Target Buyer.

Build your recruiting pipeline by searching and associating to passive candidates with the ideal skillsets. Organizations can contact Amdili Data’s recruiting intelligence team to source passive candidates, adopt winning practices used by marketing and sales teams, and compete more efficiently in a talent shortage.

fun Facts

Many web sites still in their infancy various versions have evolved over the years generator on the Internet.

  • 30M B2B
  • 11M Healthcare
  • 7.5M Technology
  • 2M Direct Dials
  • 3M HR
  • 5M Marketing

More About us

Who we are?

Amadildi Data has been a pioneer in providing leads to Fortune 500 companies all the way to Small Garage Startups.

What we do?

Find the prospects you’re looking for based on location, company size, industry, company revenue, job functions, and many more.

What we offer?

Amadili Data helps companies across all verticals and stages fill their pipelines and improve their bottom lines.

Our services

Designed to reduce the time-to-direct-connection with targeted prospects, Identify and connect with your ideal buyers through targeted campaigns, turning prospects to customers in no time.